Haus der Ruhe

The House of Peace

A Project done within the Construction 3 Course at the Institute of Architecture Technology at TU Graz.
The assignment was to create a building which can be used as a Technology Detox Center. Comprised of hostel-like sleeping arrangements and tenants who would live there and take care of the visitors. The required number of rooms and types were given at the beggining of the course, such as the required number of beds needed, common spaces, a dinning area with an open kitchen etc. The project had to be designed in accordance to all Austrian Building Regulations.

The Concept gave great importance to the common spaces and the interactions between visitors, to encourage them to spend more time together. Designed with floor to ceiling windows in order to let in as much light as possible and a red brick facade with horizontal concrete divisions in order to blend in with its surroundings with a simplistic twist.

The Project was done in collaboration with: Christopher Malis Bsc.