The core concept of this building is an experimental design with the goal of accentuating atmosphere and interaction. It was conceived in the beggining of the year 2020, when the pandemic started affecting us all and we were getting used to the new normal – quarantine. The requirements for this project were simple; we were supposed to come up with a design based on our current living area. Hence, I took my apartment as an inspiration, which had areas with exposed, freestanding diagonal wooden beams.
Therefore, this experimental design is a reverse one; the goal was for the space to be a subject of the load bearing construction and to derive its atmosphere from it.
Space is created between the construction to create various areas with different spatial qualities, natural light and heights. The visitors are encouraged to explore the building and its various types of atmosphere created on every platform. A strong accent is given to the spatial organization where the movement through the building is designed to have an exploratory nature. With its slanted walls and many different openings, it offers a unique experience on every level, meaning that attention is paid to the transitioning space between the different areas as well.
The facade itself depicts the interior space and amplifies the overall design.