Nano Future Lab

The skinny high rise Nano Future lab was design to offer researchers from around the globe a space to maximize their efficiency and progress in the field of brain implants and neuroscience. Located on the bay of the danube in Linz, Austria, it is an intentional contradiction to its surrounding, offering a glimpse into the future of reasearch and architecture. The different functions of the building are divided into sectors separated by an open floor to enhance the architecture and confuse the wind forces adding to the overall stability of the building.
The layout idea was simple, easily creating as much free space that can be designed to every specific function and needs of the researchers, therefore, the whole load bearing construction is located on the facade of the building as a cage-like structure hung from the two continuous cores of the building, which are located in two corners diagonally.
The main architectural feature of the building is its hexagonal load bearing skin which is reinforced with diagonal bracings to improve the overall stability of the building, as well as to add to the quality of the interior space where openings are not needed.
Two sections are expanded outwards, in order to improve the living areas and enhance their quality, as well as create larger common spaces. As a result, it intensifies the hexagonal skin and gives it a different perspective.

The Project was done in collaboration with Predrag Jovanovic BSc.